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Search Engine Optimisation

A key part of my website design service is the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is no good producing a great looking website if it receives no visitors.

Google Organic Search

Organic Search Results

When you search Google the results that appear in the middle of the page are called organic search results (shown in red). This means they are not paid for and have got there naturally. The 'natural' process is actually the sites that Google believes are the most relevant to your Google search.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about the relevance of each web page and what part it plays in the big picture of the internet. Say for example your business is painting and decorating but you do kitchen fitting also. If you put all of this on one page then Google doesn't know if your page should appear under painting/decorating or kitchen fitting. In this example you would be best having two separate pages, one for each type of business. Each page then has a clear relevance and should rank higher.

By improving your organic ranking you will get more visitors to your website, without paying out any money in pay per click advertising and conventional advertising.

People use a Google search now instead of looking through the Yellow Pages and if your organic search engine ranking is high they will find your website before your competitors!

Using the latest SEO techniques I ensure that my clients websites get the ranking they deserve with Google and other search engines.

The video below by Google show's how much effort they go it to give you the most relevant searches and how it is constantly refined and improved.

No company can guarantee you first place on Google, but I try and get my clients sites as high as possible on organic searches. The higher the ranking, the more quality visitors your website receives and the more customers enquiries, without having to pay out for costly advertising, to get the same result.

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