Richard Lillycrop

Real Estate Investment

Since 1997 I have been investing in real estate. I started buying in the USA in 2007 with a single family property near Austin, Texas. I now own multiple properties in Texas, New York and Indiana.

Real Estate Investment in Texas

Why Invest in USA Real Estate?

The real estate market offers you the highest return from the limited amount of funds you have available to invest. Compared to the UK and most of Europe, this market offers some of the best rent-to-values, while being an established safe and stable country to invest in, without the risk of a different language. It also has an extensive pool of quality tenants and the US government makes investing in property very tax efficient. The US dollar is still a stable currency and gives you diversification against your own currency, if you are outside the USA. Finally the US offers very attractive locations should you wish to use your investment property as a vacation home, for some of the year. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning rental properties in the USA.

Certified International Property Specialist

Certified International Property Specialist

I am a qualified Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS). Having passed the following courses as part of my CIPS qualification:

  • CIPS - Global Real Estate: Local Markets
  • CIPS - The Business of US Real Estate
  • CIPS - Europe and International Real Estate
  • CIPS - The Americas and International Real Estate
  • CIPS - Asia/Pacific and International Real Estate

The Certified International Property Specialist qualification is the closest I can get to being a qualified Real Estate Salesperson without being a US citizen. By holding the CIPS qualification, this validates my knowledge of US real estate transactions and shows my ability to enable investors all around the world to invest in USA property and mentor them throughout the process.

e-PRO Certification

e-PRO Certification

I have also completed the e-PRO Certification provided by the National Association of Realtors®. Demonstrating my knowledge of using technology, the internet and social media in marketing and promotion and serving my real estate investing clients in the best ways possible.

If you are looking to invest in the US real estate market, then please get in touch. I work closely with brokers in the US and together we can find you rental properties to suit your investment goals.