Richard Lillycrop

ICEM Surf CAD Modeller

In 1995 I was trained on ICEM Surf CAD modelling software and have since worked for many automotive manufacturers, automotive part suppliers and product manufacturers in the following types of work:

Class A exterior surfacing for high-gloss automotive body panels
Class A interior trim surfacing for automotive parts
Concept modelling from designer sketches or rough clay data
Surfacing of industrial design products

Class A Automotive Exterior Surfacing

Class A Exterior Surfacing

I have several years experience working for clients such as Nissan, Jaguar, Lotus, Opel, Noble and more, producing high quality class A surface models for exterior body panels. It is my responsibility to produce surface data that reflects the light in the cleanest way possible, while maintaining the designer's intent and meeting engineering criteria.

How a car looks when it is unveiled at motor shows for the first time is critical and although the press and buyers may not be aware of it, the perceived quality of a car has a lot to do with how clean the panels reflect the light and the fit and finish of all the parts together.

Class A Automotive Interior Surfacing

Class A Interior Surfacing

While how interior trim panels reflect the light is less of a consideration. The perceived quality of a car's interior comes from the materials used and how the many parts fit together.

The engineering constraints are tougher, with packaging of non-visible components, ergonomics and legal type approval requirements. Interior surfacing requires someone with extensive experience from completing multiple programmes for different automotive companies.

I have completed several full interior programmes and consulted on improving the fit and finish of existing concept interiors, ready for production.

Project Management

As well as working directly on modelling interior and exterior panels, I have experience managing project surfacing teams. Ensuring timely delivery of parts, within budget and manpower requirements and can produce manpower and budget projections for the rest of your present programme or quote on future surfacing projects.

Should you have a complete automotive surfacing programme, I am able to bring you a complete experienced surfacing team, manage that team and ensure your programme is completed on time, on budget and of the highest production quality.